Let’s Give it up for Sirenas

Let’s Give it up for Sirenas

The online gambling party is all about glamour, pomp and show. A larger than life activity for most of us, playing online casino games is like living the dream that could give us a fairy tale experience in the midst of our regular lives. But what is the backbone of a great online gaming experience? If you have not already guessed it, it’s the gaming software that supports the casino. If you have you heard of Novomatic, you already know that their games are par excellence. This insanely creative brand is known for some high-end products and their latest offering called Xtra Hot Slot is also a part of this happy family. Presenting another gem from their treasure chest is the simple yet highly interactive online slot game, Sirenas. Read about some lucrative bonuses available at the entertainment capital brought to you from Supergaminator, a gaming software company which is aligned with Novomatic.

Let’s Give it up for Sirenas

Dive Underwater to Explore the Adventure

The virtual world has become real but we find the real world a little boring. Yes, we do! So for all you who are constantly looking for some fun and excitement, here’s your chance to take a dip in the clear waters and win exciting exquisite profit composites. The objective of the game revolves around placing the same symbols together.

Features and Jackpots

We as players are always extremely particular about bonuses, promotions and of course the mighty Jackpots. And we must tell you, it just can’t get bigger and better than this.

  1. Symbols Used

You’ve got Fruits, Berries, Ships and our favorite Anchors as symbols in the Sirenas game. When you’ve got such exciting toys to play with, the journey becomes even more joyful.

Everything is possible if the same symbols are served in the right recipe”

  1. Crab Bonus

Three Crabs appear on the screen and give you a change to grab Free Spins or a payoff. Did we mention all three soldiers also bring amazing gifts with them?

  1. Fish Bonus

This is another amazing one. All you need to do is to catch one fish and get a chance to win a lucrative payoff or bundles of Free Spins.

  1. Treasure Chest Bonus

Who doesn’t want to win BIG? You do and for this, you just need to pick one chest or all three and grab the super bonus that includes payoffs or free spins.

  1. Starfish Bonus

This is the craziest one and the prizes are insanely cool. You can win an insane 10 Free Spins or a handsome payoff.

To Sum Up

Some players like to opt for bonuses or promotions and some prefer free spins in a slot game. Either way, we love online slots and having fun is our motivation. The variation of bonuses tagged with Sirenas is so wonderful. If you are looking for an ultimate gambling journey, you know where to stop by. Happy Gambling Folks.

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