What Influences Players’ Trust Towards Online Casinos

What Influences Players’ trust Towards Online Casinos

Specially in order to evaluate players’ credibility to Internet gambling, scientists worked out a unique mathematical model. Determination of the credibility of users to virtual gambling facilities allowing you to see exactly what are the main factors that influence the demand and popularity of online casinos.

Factors That Affect on Players’ Credibility

There is a whole range of factors that have a direct impact on the players’ credibility towards virtual gambling facilities. Specialists in this field clearly defined the five most significant of them. This very article is about to be dedicated to them.

  1. The General Reputation of the Gambling Facility. It is the main point, which draws the attention of the players when choosing an online casino to play. Moreover, it’s extremely important that players get this information from reputable sources, because scammers often write false information (reviews or feedbacks), praising a particular casino with the aim to get their paws on naive users and their money. One of the most popular facilities among poker lovers is 888Poker – the site with great reputation and free welcome bonus click for more info.
  2. Comfortable Interface And Software. Nowadays it’s not enough for an online casino to have a certain set of games. Day after day users are getting more and more sophisticated, so they are increasingly paying attention to the design of the official websites of gambling facility.
  3. High-Quality Support. That is the very thing that distinguishes a good casino from a bad one. A user needs to get an answer to the questions he has as soon as possible. Qualified consultants have to be always be in touch and be able to give informative answers to users’ questions.
  4. The Variety of Games Offered and Principles of How to Play Them Enclosed. The times when casino cooperated with one and only soft provider have already passed long ago. At the moment the majority of casinos tend to be multi-soft, what enables users to play games from different providers and lets casinos extend their portfolio.
  5. The Availability and Reliability of Information About the Company. It’s important for a casino to have precise info about the company posted on the official web site. This fact increases the level of user confidence in the brand.

Notice that any of the above-mentioned factors influences the choice of the gambling facility directly.

What Influences Players’ trust Towards Online Casinos

The Results of Sociological Research

There was an anonymous survey held on the Internet, which helped to find out what exactly affects users‘ credibility towards online casinos.

Only experienced players took part in the survey, who have vast knowledge of online gambling market, so their answers could be really useful.

It turned out that the majority of players pay their special attention to the informational content on the website of a casino. This point was marked by 35% of respondents. Therefore we can conclude that the credibility of the gambling establishments directly depends on how correctly the information block was composed by administration.

The second place was designated to the quality of the support team services. It turned out that players appreciate an opportunity to get fast information from qualified staff at any time of the day. It was also mentioned that users cherish honesty (the fulfillment of the promises that were given by the representatives of the institution).

The third place of the survey was occupied by the design and software of the resource. Comprehendible structure of the information block and comfort of usage significantly increase the credibility of the venue. Wrong information and/or errors/mistakes negatively affect the attitude of players to the online casino.


The researchers determined that when selection online casino first of all users pay attention to the information provided by the recourse. Hence, we can sum up that a visitor needs an access to the very informative data about the facility, including the software and the place of the company-owner in the players’ top. Also the credibility of the venue can be influenced by the reports published by independent audit companies with RTP numbers of games/overall. The availability of such data greatly increases the confidence of the players.

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