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Casino Bonus Hunting

Does casino bonus hunting sounds familiar to you?  Don’t worry if it does not. This article is all about unwrapping the little secret on “’Bonus Hunting”.

Online casino bonuses have changed with time and casino marketing teams are continuously creating new and improved ways to acquire new players. There was a golden time when many online casinos went out of the way to cheer players. Online casinos were insanely open-handed until 2005 or 2006.

Players could earn as much as or probably even more than they earned from their regular jobs by bonus hunting. In the process, internet casinos began losing money. They smartened up as bottom lines became more important than top lines.

So what really is Bonus Hunting or Bonus Bagging? It is an indirect but sure way to get your hands on some lucrative bonuses. Most online casino offers something for new players like 200% match bonus with four times wagering. Most folks are under the impression that Bonus Hunting is a waste of time or is just an illusion.

But in fact, it is not this way at all. Let’s say that Adam deposits $250 and gets a 100% match bonus of $250 in his account. With a wagering requirement of ten times, he would only have to wager $2,500 before making a withdrawal. Adam could play a low house edge (0.5%) game like Blackjack and meet this requirement.

By betting low amounts, he is likely to have a big chunk of the free $250 left. He could then withdraw this and his original deposit and make a sure but time-consuming profit.

Poker Bonus Hunting

Poker is probably the most beloved casino game. Bonus hunting seems very kind to poker as it is relatively easy to draw cash or bonus. Many online casino sites are generous to new registered players. Players need to abide by some condition including wagering a certain amount of rake.

The bonus is then released into their account as real money in small chunks. The trick is to select a few online casino sites that can provide you with money to be made from bonuses.

Slots Bonus Hunting

Slot games are purely chance-based games and there cannot be any strategy. If you are trying to make a quick buck, Slot games are definitely not the way to go. Casinos want to attract players, but don’t want to run money losing businesses. Most have become wiser and allow bonuses to be used on Slot games only.

Bonus Strategy

With online casinos smartening up, there may not be too many opportunities to make a quick buck and it’s better to follow a bonus use strategy that will allow you to play, enjoy and win. And here’s how:

Deposit to get a high match bonus – Stretch your $$$ and deposit an amount that will get you a good deal.

Find a No Deposit Bonus – Although a casino may extend a very nominal amount for free play, it is still worth it, especially if the play through requirement is low.

Call Customer Support – Just as in a land based casino, you can contact a manager or even a representative to issue a match bonus on a deposit that you make. Managers will let you have your way, especially if you’re a high roller.

Join the Club – Most online casinos run a loyalty rewards program. If you stick to a few, and make all deposits there, they will reward you with VIP bonuses and even gifts.  Loyalty pays.

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